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What is a vertebral disc?

Imagine a vertebral disc as a jelly doughnut sandwiched between two bones in your spine to absorb shock and give mobility.  The doughnut has several layers of tissue that connect to the bone making it impossible to “slip.”  The jelly filling of the disc is known as the nucleus pulposes (NP) and functions as a pivot point for movement.

Why does a disc herniate, protrude, or bulge?

Vertebral discs are more likely to herniate in both the neck and low back due to injury, stress, and biomechanics. As previously mentioned, a vertebral disc has several external layers like that of an onion.  Through accumulation micro-trauma or a macro-trauma those layers become weakened and breakdown; allowing the internal disc material and the nucleus pulposus (jelly filling) to be pushed towards the weakened area.

When to see a Chiropractor (Doctor of Chiropractic)?

If you suspect disc involvement or experiencing shoulder or back-buttock-leg pain, numbness, weakness, tingling sensations, burning sensation in back-buttock-leg, and/or decreased range of motion then you should seek chiropractic consultation and evaluation.  LeGault Chiropractic specializes in providing effective non-surgical and non-pharmaceutical treatments.

Oftentimes, being part of a Chiropractic wellness program restores and maintains health of the body and may prevent or cut the likelihood of such problems.

EMERGENCY SITUATION – If you experience the following, you should seek emergency care.

  • Loss of bowel control
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Loss of sensation in groin area or sexual dysfunction

The LeGault Chiropractic Difference

First and foremost it is the utmost importance to understand that your body is completely responsible for the healing and LeGault Chiropractic in Pittsburgh, PA is a facilitator of health.

Patient Testimonial

I have received care from Dr. Steve for approximately 8 months because of chronic low back pain after my pregnancy. In January, I herniated a lumbar disc and was in the worst pain I had ever had. An orthopedic doctor reviewed my MRI and told me to call him if things got worse, but otherwise, I was on my own. Dr. Steve, on the other hand, read my MRI with me, came up with a detailed recovery plan that I could take home and review, and he helped me through months of physical therapy. I was so relieved to have someone walk me through such a scary time, and I saw a dramatic improvement within the first month.  Dr. Steve is extremely dedicated, and he researches everything thoroughly. It was very reassuring to have someone act as a partner during my recovery. He has also worked with my husband and our toddler daughter, and I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone.

-Rebecca P.


Upon entering the office, you will be politely greeted and complete a brief history and examination.  During these key procedures, it will be determined if diagnostic imaging (MRI and/or X-rays) will be necessary before starting treatment.  The underlying cause needs to be identified for proper care.


Herniated-bulging-protruding disc (Disc Herniation) in Pittsburgh, PA. Disc material causes nerve irritation, dysfunction, and pain. It is necessary to consult LeGault Chiropractic in Pittsburgh, PA immediately for evaluation and management.
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With a herniated disc, treatment will be custom to each person depending on severity and specific needs.  A care plan may include specific chiropractic adjustments, nutritional support, bracing, and/or other chiropractic services including: physical medicine and therapy.  Co-management and referrals will also be discussed and implemented if necessary.

Prognosis (outcome)

EXCELLENT – for near complete recovery of function, although flare-ups may occur.  ATTENTION: Surgery is rarely required and should not be the first choice.  During the first 6 weeks at least a 50% improvement should occur based on functional treatment – Chiropractic adjustments alone decrease pain, increase range of motion, and improve activities of daily living; providing patient satisfaction.

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Information provided is not a substitute for healthcare advice. Proper evaluation & management is recommended.