Orthotics Arch Supports, Shoe Inserts, Insoles in Pittsburgh, PA

Custom arch supports to make your feet happy and feel good. North Hills Pittsburgh Doctor of Chiropractic provides custom orthotic shoe inserts (arch supports).


Discover if you are a good candidate for custom orthotics by answering a few simple questions:

  • Are your feet sore on a regular basis?
  • Do your feet hurt as soon as you step out of bed?
  • Do you spend a majority of your day standing or walking on hard surfaces?
  • Do you play sports or athletic activities such as:  Football, Jogging, Tennis, etc.?
  • Are your muscles and joints constantly sore?
  • Does standing, walking, or running produce pain?
  • Do you have visible foot problems such as bunions, fallen arches, high arches, etc.?
  • Have you ever noticed that your shoes wear unevenly or quickly?
  • Does one leg appear to be shorter?
  • Do your parents have foot problems?

If you answered “YES to any of these questions, please call

(412) 364-4100 to schedule a consultation and evaluation. 

Custom and Durable Orthotic Shoe Inserts in Pittsburgh, PA

Image provided by Sole Supports.

Dr. LeGault has been specially trained to examine, cast, and supply custom foot orthotics that can help reduce pain, provide support, and prevent surgery.  Supported feet are happy feet.  Major medical insurance may cover partial or full orthotic cost depending on policy and necessity.

Sole Supports are corrective and custom to an individual.  In the videos below, several podiatrists recommend Sole Supports because they are extremely effective.