PARESTHESIA a.k.a “Pins and Needles”

The “pins and needles” sensation is also known as paresthesia.  Paresthesia (Paraesthesia) is a skin sensation of  tingling, burning, pricking, formication (bugs crawling – skin crawling), or numbness.

There is good news and there is bad news…then more good news.

Good news first:

At LeGault Chiropractic in Pittsburgh, Dr. LeGault, Pittsburgh Chiropractor never uses pins or needles to give specific treatment and chiropractic care.  The introduction of foreign and potential toxic substances are found elsewhere.

Now, to discuss the bad news:

The pins and needles sensation is attributed to many dysfunctions and conditions that require proper evaluation and management.

Several causes exist, but the “pins and needles” sensation is more commonly related to the following:

  1. Nerve Irritation – damage or nervous system inflammation
  2. Decreased blood circulation
  3. Decrease lymphatic circulation or lymphatic system inflammation

“Pins and Needles” – Paresthesia | Pittsburgh, PA | Contact LeGault Chiropractic for proper evaluation and management.
By: Steven DepoloCC BY 2.0

More good news:

By determining the underlying cause of the dysfunction, LeGault Chiropractic can properly address and correct the situation to restore and maintain health.

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